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hello everyone!

So right now, I'm pretty happy. I could be happier, and I know there's times when I've been depressed, but it all kinda rounds out, and i really shouldn't worry as much about small things. Tomorrow is 6 months for Danielle and I :). She's such an amazing girlfriend, and girl in general.  No one will ever have any idea how happy I am and how grateful I am to be with her. We're going to Chicago tomorrow to hang out, and it's the Taste of Chicago, even though i'm not really too excited about that part. I just want to be with Danielle. So that's what's going on tomorrow, and we'll also probably hang out monday and/or tuesday, which is good. I've been driving ALOTalotalot more than I used to, so i'm getting ever-so-closer to "honing my craft" as my parents call it, and to getting my driver's license. i'm pretty excited. ima get a tape player for my van so i can use my tape adapter to plug my mp3 player in, and i'll finally be able to have all the music that I want playing all the time. I'll probably roll my windows down from time to time just so I can drown out all that rap shit. hahah. i can't wait for that. and of course, i'll also be able to drive to danielle's almost every day, and we'll be able to go places we weren't able to go to before because of rides. rides will be taken care of. i still need to buy danielle her promise ring. i want it to say "Zach & Danielle, Always and Forever. 1-1-06". and then probably some hearts and stuff. so anyway, there's an update for you, just to sum up what's been going on lately. i get paid a pretty big check july 10th, should be roughly 450, but then taxes and SS and stuff should bring it down to 420 or 400. still a lot. i'm excited. that's what i plan to use to buy Danielle's ring. =)

=D teheh. she's my baby girl. <3
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