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*sigh*, another year.

Well, another summer is gone, and it seems like it didn't last long enough.
I had some good times, and some bad times.

Good times:
Numerous hangouts with Danielle - I got to hang out with Danielle a lot, which is pretty good. Just recently, my good pal Tom and I have gone up to Huntley multiple times per week, and it has brought more smiles to my face, because I got to see Danielle more and more. We've grown closer, shared secrets with each other, and shared even more kisses and hugs. All in all, I love her a lot, and unconditionally. That still hasn't changed, and won't ever. Despite arguments and little bickers, we still manage to stay strong, no matter what is thrown at us. I know you'll be reading this Danielle. I love you forever. I promise. No matter how stupid I am or how much of a smartass I am sometimes, I will always love you. I love you and Henry and Harriet and Zero and Flower. I want to hug all of you at once.

Warped Tour - of course, it was fucking awesome. Minus missing Hellogoodbye, every second of it was pretty much great. Danielle got to meet Tom Gabel, her hero, and I got to see the Early November and Chiodos, which were both awesome. We also saw Thursday, Against Me!, Greeley Estates (I had no idea they were that good), a bit of Joan Jett, and Saves the Day. I probably forgot a few. Also we got some nice merch. I got three shirts and some cds, and Danielle got a hoodie, a few shirts, and some cds. Regardless, it was awesome. My 4th year there and counting.

My birthday - Danielle is such a sweetheart. She gets me all this stuff, like shirts, jeans, a stuffed animal, and a ring. We went to Laser Quest (it doesn't matter how old you are, it's still awesome), and then guitar center, and then went home and opened presents. I love Danielle, she does so much for me, and I'm so grateful to have someone like her in my life.
That's all I really wanted for my birthday, was Danielle. And I got her.

Numerous hangouts with pals, friends, acquaintances, whatever you want to call them, they were sweet while they lasted. Joe, I'm gonna miss you, but you'll be back from time to time, so it's all good.

And today at school was...uneventful.

1st hour - Choir
It was good seeing Gund again. He hasn't changed much. Basically just went through rules and regs, and then sat around and chatted about summers.

2nd hour - Study Hall
Boring. Really confusing seating chart. No one knew what they were doing except me and Jon Olbrich. It shows how unattentive a lot of people are.

3rd hour - Psychology
This will probably be one of my favorite classes. We talk about the human mind, and social habits, and how society has molded us into who we are. It's actually really fascinating stuff. And Mr. Price plays guitar, and he wants to jam with me. And I have Cody, David, Renee, Myles, and John in my class, so it should be fun.

4th hour - Music Theory
This is what I've been waiting for for 3 years. It's gonna be totally great. All I have to do is read, write, and compose music. That's basically it. And there's 10 people in it, which makes it even cooler. Takes away the stress of a teacher yelling in a large, unattentive classroom. Should be good.

5th hour - Creative Writing
Basically we get to write about absolutely anything we want to. Which is automatically easy. Not to mention Mr. Zick is a goofball. He made me laugh the entire time.

6th hour - Gym
It's gym. Typical gym.

7th hour - Chemistry
All Mr. Anderson did was make jokes, swear, talk about drugs, and blow things up. Sounds good to me. And I thought I'd have to work really hard in there.

All in all, maybe it'll be an easy year. I wish me and Danielle went to the same school. That'd be the only thing that would make it perfect. <3

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