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an odd feeling...

I took a nap today for the first time in probably several years. I forgot how weird it feels to wake up in the evening and not remember what happened. When I woke up, it was 6:22 and I was in my clothes. I was like, "What the hell, why did I sleep in my clothes? Shouldn't I be in pajamas?" I kept thinking to myself things like "Shouldn't I be saying 'Good morning'?" and "I need to get in the shower, I woke up kinda late" and "Why is it so dark outside?" Weird.

Anyway, things are getting better. I'm more patient and more outgoing, in my opinion. I'm not as gloomy as before, and I'm just trying to look on the bright side of things. Work is pretty good; wish I made more than 6.50 though. At least I like my job. I hope I don't get laid off after Christmas; I feel like I did good enough to earn a full-time spot there. Really hope I'm right.
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You're an idiot.

And why would you want to keep that stupid job?
You told me you were going to try and find a better paying one after December...................